Monday night's cd release party was eponymously successful! The evening at the Gladstone began with a screening of I Furiosi's video Piangero from Handel's Julius Caesar, which I love more and more with every viewing. The fab 4 played two sets, the second starting with one of my favourite pieces they perform, Sonata Decima a Tre by Dario Castello (c.1590-1644). The Vivaldi was engrossing, too. Signing on with Dorian-Sono Luminus was a very smart move: they are obviously very committed to I Furiosi, and I'm convinced this label will catapult the ensemble into the proverbial household nomenclature. A great way to launch their 10th anniversary. Normally I eschew celebrity and aggrandizement, but if I sound like a swooning fan, I'm pretty damn close. Probably because this group of musicians, for all their leather shtick, strikes me as being fiercely true to their artistic vision and not selling out to gain increased sales. I think Dorian is working with their branding and respects their integrity. Good on all of them. Once again, here is I Furiosi's website; use it or Dorian's to buy Crazy for everyone on you birthday/Christmas shopping list. You can also keep up with their and other musicians' seasons through the free Wholenote Magazine (see permalist link, right). I Furiosi's first concert of the season is on Friday October 4th. Click here for info.


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