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Vessels Come in Various Forms

I was sorry to see I had missed A Hidden Life for the time being, but then I tripped upon this film Terrence Malick executive produced. My fave themes, and Martin Sheen is always interesting in works about faith.

Steel Your Heart

This film is hard to watch if you understand the artist's soul. It's claustophobic yet riveting. The epilogue is also interesting, and the final shot... Well, understandably, Netflix won't let me screen-capture it. It's out of this world.  And, of course, I was blessed to see a Lowry in a gallery the day after I watched the film. I also loved this older film, which I had wanted to see because I might have a long-term crush on Matt Damon and love the music of Arvo Part, as did my companion. It seems to be a Love It or Hate It film, but I loved everything about it, even if it was draining to watch. Good if you're into the culture of slow (anything). Also superclaustrophobic despite the desert setting. Here's an interesting writeup about it [total spoilers!]: