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Opera to Go!

Engage...With provocative, often hilarious bite-sized operas. Come inside the making of opera today. The Virgin Charlie Taylor Graham, librettist / William Rowson, composer An unexpected recipient bears an immense responsibility. One Lump or Two Sandy Pool, librettist / Glenn James, composer Arsenic and Old Lace meets Hitchcock. Where is that butler, anyway? My Mother's Ring Marcia Johson, librettist / Stephen Andrew Taylor, composer A young man, a psychiatrist, and two mysterious deaths. The Perfect Screw Alexis Diamond, librettist / Abigail Richardson, composerWill it be Robertson or Phillips? What’s a girl to do? " of the most anticipated events of the musical year...This program is not to be missed." ...Paula Citron, Classical 96.3 FM Director, Tom Diamond Music Director, Wayne Strongman Cast Scott Belluz,Sally Dibblee,Keith Klassen,Peter McGillivray,Krisztina Szabó with Chamber Orchestra Set & Costume Designer, Julia Tribe Performances *March 26 at 8pm: P

Artists at the Project

Chickadee by JJ Lee I attended this weekend; it was a showcase for 150+ artists at the Liberty Grand, by the One of a Kind people. Lots of great new stuff--o that I had dreamt up some of it!--including two friends of Beautiful Feet. OCAD Instructor JJ Lee showed me her gorgeous paint and collage encaustics. Phil Irish , who has taught at the AGO, explained some of the process behind his series about place and personal experiences. I'll continue to highlight their shows as they occur.

Esprit Orchestra

Thursday, March 26, 2009 Brand New and Pre-Loved 8 pm concert; 7:15 pm pre-concert talk Jane Mallett Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 27 Front Street East, Toronto Tickets: 416-366-7723 / 1-800-708-6754 Buy online: click here BRUCE MATHER, Hommage a John Hawkins* ANDREW STANILAND, Big Bang!* MAYKE NAS, La Belle Chocolatiere OMAR DANIEL, Trope Alex Pauk - conductor, Aiyun Huang - percussion Brand New and Pre-Loved is a concert covering a broad spectrum of compositional intent including a world premiere tribute to a late, highly respected composer, a brand new percussion concerto featuring a spectacular soloist and celebrating the International Year of Astronomy, a charming musical bon bon from Holland and a piece previously commissioned and premiered by Esprit. Brand New and Pre-Loved promises to be moving, meaningful and adventurous musical evening.

shakespeare does not suck

Today my students were treated to a demonstration and workshop on Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama by Shakespeare in Action , a nonprofit educational outfit under artistic director Michael Kelly. We enjoyed the talents of Xuan Fraser, Adam Seybold and Kate Fenton and then had extensive language and dramatic tutoring by Mr. Kelly. This group held the attention of students from grades 6 through 12, and even seasoned Shakespeare students learned much. Thus, I can heartily recommend Suddenly Shakespeare which runs during March break through the TPL (see link for details). It's an hour-long performance (with much more) of highlights from the Bard that are sure to amuse the young 'uns. Well worth the cashola. And yay! entertainment that is not passive, puerile or prepackaged!
Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is a young girl who discovers a mysterious door in her new home that leads to an alternate world in the film Coraline. (Focus Features Films). Photo courtesy of I think I want to see this. Comments anyone?

somebody's on acid

i dunno. i just don't get the outdoor thing at the best of times..... from Sympatico MSN Real Estate

pretty darn funny (unless you're the webmaster...)

from "wholly ugly Ugly religious websites have a special place in my heart. I'm rather ecumenical in that regard. One of the things that unites all religious people, UCC, Lutheran, RC, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist, is our celebration of all that's ugly in life and our commitment to sharing it on the web. If you should find an ugly patch of the web that is particularly stirring for you, I invite you to share it with me. You'll find new sites posted here twice a week."