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Holograms and Whole Messages

The Greek roots for 'hologram' mean the whole/entire thing that is written/drawn. I've got two reviews about the whole message—what's important in life, that is. For many years on this blog, I have been singing the praises of Tapestry Opera (starting way back when it was still called Tapestry New Opera Works); they just never disappoint and readily accomplish what artistic director Michael Mori discussed last night about attempts to bring new waves (tsunamis?) to the expression of modern opera. Video, turntables, texting: nothing seems off limits to this outfit, and I think that's the reason for their success in turning increasingly more people onto opera. I'm a multi-decade subscriber to Canadian Opera Company and there's definitely a niche for baroque operas, too, but the emergence of collaborations such as Indie Opera TO (digital presence forthcoming) are proof positive of the coolification of opera in the 21st century.  The other thing I like about