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Death and Delinquency

Photo courtesy of Zachary Wadsworth (composer) - The Far West         Lawrence Wiliford (tenor); Luminous Voices; Timothy Shantz (dir.)     Bridge Records  9466 I’m submitting a briefer version of this for publication in the CD review section of a music magazine later this month but I wanted to expand on my necessarily truncated comments there. I was given The Far West to review: it’s a modern cantata for tenor, choir and instruments, written by the crazy-young Zachary Wadsworth , an American composer who’s already internationally known and respected. This work won the 2016 Choral Canada’s Outstanding Choral Competition Award. Recently, I reviewed the stunning Trinity Requiem by Robert Moran, and its poignancy has kept me going back to it. The Far West is going to be on my shelf of favourites, too. Tracks 1 and 2, set to the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Christina Rossetti, are complementary