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Vanessa Wells on Exhibit

Vanessa Wells is pleased to announce that she has been included in ECVA's latest exhibition Full of Grace . To see her work and that of her fellow Anglican artists, c l i c k h e r e.
Opera Atelier's production of Iphigénie en Tauride Photo: Bruce Zinger / Artists: Soprano Peggy Kriha Dye (centre) as Iphigénie with Artists of Atelier Ballet As usual, the latest production by Opera Atelier is satisfying. Narratively, it fulfills Ruby Mercer's descriptors for opera: love, sex and violence put to good music! Sensorily, it addresses all the senses, right down to the rustle of fabric, some rows back; visually, it is texturally full. If you aren't familiar with baroque opera and baroque arts in general, it is extremely stylized and carefully crafted. I felt Iphigenie en Tauride attained this most successfully in the fourth act. As usual, the cast is superb, including the Atelier Ballet, accompanied by Tafelmusik's Orchestra and Chamber Choir. The set was beautiful, albeit a bit anachronistic with the altar triptych, since the latter was a medieval church invention, at best based on the Roman writing tablets....but perhaps that's me just being too a