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Utterly Charming!

We've come a long way since The Railway Children ...  Wonderstruck is absolutely beautiful.

A Traffic Light of Movies

Omilord, I've been so consumed with work that posting the art I have gotten to has been impossible for months. I've seen a lot, and the title refers to the last three outings. Green Light: Comedy Usually I don't love comedies, but I made this exception because the star of Don't Talk to Irene , Michelle McLeod, is a friend of a friend. Not only was it fun and uplifting, Scott Thompson as the retirement-home director-who-wishes-he-wasn't is understatedly perfect! Yellow Light: Pause for beauty Not saying this is the most important film in history, but I'm glad I saw Loving Vincent  at TIFF. Taking it in full-size and with a sense of wonder was a lovely antidote to current affairs. Red Light: Check your assumptions at the door This was not what I expected, but The Florida Project was very affecting. Insane acting, still sticks with me. Did not see this story or the ending coming. Other recent experiences: Life After  at CanStage