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My Semi-Annual Rant

image from Everyone who knows and loves me knows my phobia of spelling and grammar mistakes. I made a typo in an email to my husband recently and it's been bothering me ever since. So, here, I take umbrage with a plaque on a newly unveiled statue of Emily Carr in Victoria that has flipping typo s-- yes, that's typos pluralized-- because someone missed a letter and hyphenating two words. The article expounds the virtues of spellchecking and asks why it wasn't caught there. I ask how the proof even got to the plaque-maker with the errors still extant: does no one read things before or after spellchecking? Does no one own/use a dictionary? I loved someone's online comment on the article: Don't be so harsh towards a country were English is a second language. [ sic] Touché!

OMG I Have to go to Berlin

There's a VERY COOL positive image camera in Berlin that takes unique life size portraits in B&W! For €290 euros ($412 CAN) you can walk into this behemoth and have it produced in ten minutes. Check out the coolness here .

Does This Include Tourists?

I just read about an illustrator in NYC named Jason Polan whose current project involves drawing every person in New York. While this is a fanciful project, I felt compelled to check out his blog . It has jots of everyone from deliverymen to Carol Spinney. Kinda fun, in idea anyway. Except I'm not in it; guess he took that week off.


Check out this writer's blog, Gillian me edit . You can also take advantage of her emailed poem of the week. I like her voice and her interests. (Sort of like I like my friend David Barker's stuff on Nouspique , which you can only find on this hyperlink, as Blogger saw fit to remove my Permalink list.....). Just sayin'.

"The Big Night Out"

iD Sony Centre 50 th Anniversary Premiere Engagement! continues October 2, 7, 8, 9, 2010 at 8 pm October 3, 2010 at 2 pm Tickets start at $35 iD is co-created by Jeannot Painchaud, founder and artistic director of Montreal‟s acclaimed Cirque Éloize , and hip-hop choreographer Mourad Merzouki. Since it began in 1993, Cirque Éloize has enjoyed overwhelming success marked by rave reviews, numerous awards, and sold-out engagements around the world. The company has toured extensively to the world‟s most prestigious festivals and theatres including: Edinburgh International Festival, the Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles), Piccolo Teatro (Milan), Les Folies Bergère (Paris), Bunkamura Orchard Hall (Tokyo), Israel Festival Jerusalem, Hong Kong Festival, Sadler‟s Wells (London), Sydney Opera House, Barbican Theatre (London), Beiteddine Festival (Beirut), Chekhov International Theatre Festival (Moscow), International Cervantino Festival (Guanajuato) [ text courtesy of KL Strategic Communications ] Bu