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Can't Beat This Analysis by Peter T. Chattaway

Review:  Exodus: Gods and Kings  (dir. Ridley Scott, 2014) December 12, 2014  by  Peter T. Chattaway   Originally posted here   Early on in  Exodus: Gods and Kings , there’s a scene in which Moses, who is still an Egyptian prince oblivious to his Hebrew heritage, confronts an Egyptian viceroy named Hegep, who is supposed to be building a new city for the Pharaoh but seems to have diverted some of the funds towards his own luxurious lifestyle. Hegep tries to deflect Moses’ attention by pointing to the troublesome Hebrew slaves, and says he needs more resources to deal with them. As proof of how rebellious these Hebrews are, Hegep says, “Do you know what ‘Israelite’ means in their own language? ‘He who fights with God’.” An annoyed Moses replies, “‘He who  wrestles  with God’. There’s a difference.” It’s a key distinction, and one that applies just as much to Ridley Scott’s film. Scott, whose self-identification over the years has wavered between “agnostic” and “atheist” — and wh