Calendar Reminders

Just a few reminders about events on my facebook Beautiful Feet group calendar (click at the bottom of it to enlarge the view) about stuff going on at my church this coming week. [A caveat: thanks to the New Facebook (argh), there have been glitches on the group page, so if you go there and it's pretty much blank, click refresh and you should actually get some info!!].
Wednesday is our first Faith and Film night of the season at 7pm with Cry the Beloved Country, with Mr. Velvet Voice, James Earl Jones (yay).
Sunday the 21st we have Jazz Vespers again, starting at 4:30pm, this week with Lorne Lofsky & Rob Piltch on guitars. As our webiste says: This evening service of music has a reflective reading, prayers for our city and the world, and a jazzy congregational hymn! It is one of our most popular services - with wonderful music, and with some of the finest jazz artists in Canada, coming to CCDP.
The next night, Monday September 22nd, is our second gathering of Beautiful Feet ~ Care for Artists from 7 to 9pm (again, ck
the facebook page or the webpage for more details; the calendar, above, will tell you what's on for that and upcoming nights). Come to chill out and pray for other artists/make some prayer requests.


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