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I saw an excellent film the other day: Household Saints (Nancy Savoca, 1993) with the dishy Vincent d'Onofrio and Tracey Ullman, who surprised me with her performance (I had previously only regarded her, perhaps erroneously, as a comic actress). Here is yet another film that totally missed my radar, and I suspect it was because it dealt with faith and, more specifically, religion. Looking at the promo still, I wonder if it also suffered misleading coverage because the photo and bi-line (coupled with Tracey Ullman's name) suggest that it is a comedy, which it most certainly is not. I would put it in the Ordet camp. While it had its light moments, the story became very intense and the climax was a bit of a shock. If you are into movies about the role and power of faith, check this out. I was very glad to have found it.


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