Tons of good films to recommend these days, of which the surprisingly most touching was My Architect, the story of Nathaniel Kahn's search for the truth about his father's life. Poignant and luscious architecturally, this film delivered. Another pleasant surprise was What the Bleep Do We Know?, surprising because it actually made the rudiments of quantum physics understandable to the layman. Normally I would run the other direction from discussions of either physics or philosophy, but with creative visuals and narrative most of the concepts are accessible. Of particular importance to the Christian was the topic of thoughts affecting 'inanimate' objects change their properties, such as the molecular shifts in the photographed water. Now, you can decide this is 'outlandish' and full of 'bizarre claims', or you can approach it with a sense of openminded wonder and mystery. It's not gospel, but it's food for thought. It stars Marlee Maitlin, too, and who doesn't love her? It seems to be the summer of the cineplex film, so to speak: I keep inadvertently coming across movies about people's concurrent experiences. This week I saw 13 Conversations about One Thing. While I have enjoyed the other similar movies (posted previously), this one focused on faith, the human condition and--my favourite theme--redemption. Amy Irving's character absolutely seethes with unexpressed rage, and Alan Arkin, one of those actors one tends to forget about but who is very good, plays Everyman, if we are honest. As my dad would say, 'Terrific!'


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