Lilith is Fair

Just wanted to highlight Maihyet Burton's store Lilith as it has changed location since I last mentioned it. This funky clothing (et. al.) store is now in Studio 103 of the Case Goods Building of the Distillery District, 55 Mill St. And Buttoons buttons are still being carried there!
She and partner Denis Taman Bradette also have a very funky thing going on with the
Warmings Project, part artistic endeavour, part environmental/social activism which assumes a post apocalyptic language and visual reference for Ontario should our land be decimated by our climatic abuses. They express this creatively through their photography and imagined mythology. I'll let her blogs express it better: "The hope is to voice the urgency of climate change through the development of a body of work that interconnects art, design, sustainability, education & literature....On 150 acres of scarred, previously clearcut land in Hunta, 100km north of Timmins, they plan to develop a Refuge for the Climatically Displaced (RCD) & the Otenaw Arcology, ecovillage prototypes. This territory will be the base for bringing together & hybridizing art, design, architecture, environmental studies, education, cultural development & sustainability, and furthering the visions of BeneCorpo." I love their vision and creativity, even if it is portentous. Check out their work. Between this, designing and making her store's clothes, and painting, I'm not sure when Maihyet sleeps....


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