Worthy Endeavours

I wanted to highlight an upcoming festival in 2009 which needs financial commitment now. Nidus Festival (nidus being Latin for nest) brings together excellent artists at an ecumenical expression of the arts and social justice works. If you can pledge some help now, you can help ensure the success of this topnotch event. Previous ones had performers like Jason Hildebrand, pictured, and whose Prodigal Trilogy I have discussed and promote incessantly. Go here to see the Nidus newsletters.

The person involved in Nidus that I know is Douglas Romanow, composer and producer of The Fire Escape recording studio. Check out his websites and production cv!

The other cool thing I wanted to promote is the regular get-togethers of Speakeasy, 'a night out for creative types'. You can check out details about themes and how to get to the Gladstone on the website. I am definitely hanging out there on Thursdays next year.

The founder of Speakeasy is David Brown, whose encaustics we love, and recent works of which you can see here. Hope you liked your buttons, David!


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