Things for Recom

Many other things to recommend for perusal this week:

I have mentioned Image Journal: Art, Faith & Mystery before, but thought it was worth picking up again.

However, a writer friend steered me towards The Other Journal too, which features discussions about theology and art from many perspectives. This online journal is open to non-scholarly submissions as well, so check out their guidelines and thematic sections. I'm a new convert!
A blog whose title appealed to me--Life is a Journal: Self Help for Lazy People--comes out of Ireland and is both worth a snort and some consideration.

From the nakedpastor comes this little gem, 10 Little Pieces of Advice to Take or Leave. No comment needed.

In terms of cyber places you can contribute to, I wanted to revisit something I mentioned last year but had so many technical issues with, I basically abandoned the recom. On an optimistic whim I decided to retry joining Collection X, an online experiment as part of Virtual Museum Canada. Finally they seem to have their techy issues ironed out, so if you want your own 15 minutes of fame, you can create your own exhibition.


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