Movie Recom!

I went to a preview screening last week of one of the best movies of the year, but one which might be overlooked by many due to initial reactions to its subject: a choir of senior citizens. So??, you ask. These people ROCK--and I mean literally! Get this: octogenarians singing songs by Coldplay, The Clash, Radiohead, The Ramones, James Brown... And they aren't drugged or brainwashed or under duress~they're having a hoot. One fellow even practised by watching MTV videos on his computer! As another, Stan, says, 'I'm just trying to expand my horizons.' I know 45 year olds who are more Jurassic than these youngsters. This documentary will make you both laugh your head off and break your heart. You will fall in love with these people, who sing under the direction of 53-year old Bob Cilman in New England. This was the best 2 hours I've had in ages. It is so good, I am taking my sociology class to see it as a field trip as it ties into a recent study unit, but I know it will be the best trip at school this year! I know I rave about a lot of films, but do not miss out on this beaut. It's popcorn all the way!! (That's the equivalent to a 5 star rating on Beautiful Feet). Thanks to a rep for facilitating this review. Go here to watch the trailer.


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