Cool Beginnings

A very eclectic and original sounding cd, In Last Night's Party Clothes, belongs to The Roaring Girl Cabaret, a cool group of musicians who have put together a debut album, although their experience is not new and it shines through. The interesting thing about this cd is that it has something for everyone, as they say; there are so many music influences in it that everyone is bound to find something to their taste on it (if not everything), and it's many elements makes the whole self-propelling. I keep playing it, trying to nail it down to a particular description, but perhaps my inability to isolate or pigeon-hole it is indicative of its charm. If I am sounding annoyingly vague, it's my fault, not the Roaring Girls'. If you're looking for something creative and freeing, check out this beaut. If I find a word or phrase worthy of ascription to the cd, I'll let you know.


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