Oksana G.: opera for now

Told that I waited @ 10yrs to see since its inception in a brief. I knew then it'd be worth the wait!

Music by Aaron Gervais | Libretto by Colleen Murphy
CAST:Natalya Gennadi– Oksana
Keith Klassen – Konstantin
Adam Fisher – Father Alexander
Krisztina Szabó – Sofiya (Oksana’s Mother)
Kim Barber–Aza
Aaron Sheppard–Pavlo
Jacqueline Wooley–Nataliya
Alex Hajek–Yuri
Andrea Ludwig–Lyuba
Maria Soulis–Clara
Neil Craighead–Dima
Cairan Ryan–Immigration Officer
Erica Iris–Auctioneer
A Tapestry Opera Production


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