Liv Stein at CanStage


Music is the only thing that matters in the life of celebrated concert pianist Liv Stein. When her son Henri dies, she gives it all up - the piano, her career, her marriage, herself. But the unexpected visit of a young promising piano student claiming to have shared Henri's last couple of years forces Liv to face past demons she is trying to forget. A mysterious pact is made that seems to reawaken Liv's will to Liv... Canadian Stage Artistic and General Director Matthew Jocelyn directs this suspenseful and exquisitely crafted drama by one of the most prodigious young voices in new German theatre.

"Liv Stein is a unique and unexpected examination of the relationship between truth and happiness. If something makes us happy, does it have to be true? In a moment when our fundamental relationship to truth is being challenged, this work provokes the audience to consider the shades of grey in what we think of as black and white"


Marc-Andre Blanchard, Nicola Correia-Damude, Caroline Gillis, Leslie Hope, Sheila Ingabire-Isaro, Geraint Wyn Davies

Photo and text from Photo credit: Cylla von Tiedemann 

This was a sensual production—not just because of the sexy bits—but because of the use of rich elements such as colour, fabric (especially drape and lack thereof), rose petals, colour and lighting. Grief was a main theme but not in a saccharine way. Good performances, but I felt Sheila Ingabire-Isaro's (as Lore) was too self-conscious, like it was her first role; she distracted from what could have been seamless. 


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