Three Chains and a Light Bulb

Photo credit: Greg Henkenhaf – left to right – R.H. Thomson, David Ferry and Ryan Hollyman
Do you think that a cell and three hostages could be good entertainment of a Saturday night? That's what Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, Frank McGuinness' play, is about and it is a tribute to the craft of Thomson, Ferry and Hollyman. The play is loosely based on a real story, but that's not what makes it successful. These three don't have costumes or sets or props to prop them up, as it were, for two hours: the energy and credibility have to come from them alone, and they are superb at it. It's the kind of piece you don't want to end (for your sake, not the characters'!).
You can still catch the production, directed by Tegan Shohet, at the Berkeley (Upstairs) this week; see last week's posting for details or go to


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