Caught the last bits of the offerings of the month long CONTACT photography festival down at the Distillery this weekend. One particular artist we dug was Pamela Lostracco, working in photo/mixed media and the ever-fab resin! Very cool. That was at the Engine Gallery where I chatted with Steven Schwartz for a while. Also got excited about Chad Gerth's empty lots series at Corkin Gallery and multo, multo excitable about the half silver gelatin prints of one I previously recommended: Oosheen Harruthoonyan's The Uchronie Fragments at the Pikto Gallery. His stuff really rocks--see above. Also found a multi-media artist (video, computer, photography etc) willing to work with me on an art project for my students--thank you Micheline Parent!
Saw some pretty unremarkable photos this year too, however. Newsflash for organizers: big print does not equal art with vision! Hopefully they will go for quality over myriad venues next year, otherwise the integrity of the festival's quality is suspect. Ah well. I'll just have to drool over my catalogue for the next 11 months. As the kids at school say, *sigh*.


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