The Charnel-House

~  From Bauhaus to Beinhaus

I tripped up on The Charnel-House through six degrees of social-media-postings-separation and was interested to see something so intellectually challenging in the blogosphere. Ross Wolfe is a post-grad student whose blog examines history, art, philosophy and architecture, amongst other things. To be honest, some of his posted art is a little macabre for my taste (and I love Kurelek's apocalyptic religious art!) and there is some political criticism that is not of interest to me, but I appreciated the breadth of his posts. I also found he was hearing, in his contact area, from people from very discrete backgrounds and was stimulating feedback that is not the usual blue and white thumbs up or expletive-loaded abuse hurled by some posts' readers. You can read more about him here and check out his posts here.



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