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Oksana G.: opera for now


Hootlet More Told that I waited @ 10yrs to see since its inception in a brief. I knew then it'd be worth the wait! RETWEETS2LIKES5

The Return/Il Ritorno

They've lost the clown noses but The Return by Circa was an exquisite blend of insanely talented circus art with drama and live Italian baroque chamber music and opera accompaniment. As usual, CanStage brought in innovative programming (and, as usual, some dope brought in their ringing cell phone). At one point, I just sat there being so grateful for the gift of art in my life. Lovely.
CREATED BYYaron Lifschitz with Quincy Grant and the Circa EnsembleMUSIC BY Monteverdi, Grant, Mahler, Pisador and traditionalDIRECTOR Yaron LifschitzCOMPOSITION/MUSICAL DIRECTION/ARRANGEMENTS Quincy GrantCIRCA ENSEMBLE Nathan Boyle
Marty Evans
Nicole Faubert
Bridie Hooper
Nathan Knowles
Todd Kilby
Cecilia MartinOPERA SINGERS Kate Howden
Benedict Nelson MUSICIANSPal Banda (Cello)
Joe Bronstein (Violin & Viola)
Natalie Murray-Beale (Musical Director, Piano, Harpsichord)
Cecilia de Santa Maria (Harp)TECHNICAL DIRECTION/LIGHTING DESIGN Jason OrganSTAGE DESIGN Yaron Lifschitz
Jason OrganCOSTUME DESIGN Libby McDonnellPHOT…