Adaptationhas a pretty impressive cast, including my girl-crush Meryl Streep. Best line is when Brian Cox's writing-guru character advises the struggling screenwriter: "Don't you dare bring in a deus ex machina!"

Jury's still out on this Tarkovsky film. Lots of juicy Biblical allusions and themes, but it wasn't as visually postapocalyptically satisfying as I'd hoped. The TIFF audience was hardcore, though: for almost 3 hours, you couldn't hear a pin drop!
Every time I go to CanStage, I see something astounding and/or fascinating. Both boxes ticked with Triptyque: 

Gravity-defying athleticism, the lyricism of contemporary dance and the poetics of the imagination come together in this virtuosic triple bill from Quebec circus superstars The 7 Fingers (Cuisine & Confessions, Traces). For the first time, the innovative troupe joins forces with three internationally-renowned choreographers, weaving together a magical journey between circus and dance.
Anne e…


Judi Dench crush / RIP Tim Pigott-Smith

"Cows need their teas, like."

Holy crap...

Utterly Charming!

We've come a long way since The Railway Children... Wonderstruck is absolutely beautiful.

A Traffic Light of Movies

Omilord, I've been so consumed with work that posting the art I have gotten to has been impossible for months. I've seen a lot, and the title refers to the last three outings.

Green Light: Comedy
Usually I don't love comedies, but I made this exception because the star of Don't Talk to Irene, Michelle McLeod, is a friend of a friend. Not only was it fun and uplifting, Scott Thompson as the retirement-home director-who-wishes-he-wasn't is understatedly perfect!

Yellow Light: Pause for beauty Not saying this is the most important film in history, but I'm glad I saw Loving Vincent at TIFF. Taking it in full-size and with a sense of wonder was a lovely antidote to current affairs.

Red Light: Check your assumptions at the door This was not what I expected, but The Florida Project was very affecting. Insane acting, still sticks with me. Did not see this story or the ending coming.

Other recent experiences: Life After at CanStage

kd lang on tour

God x 3

I'm starting to think I should go to Iceland. I keep coming across movies and shows made there. And I am going across the Pond next year—hmmm... Meanwhile I'll stick to film. The Deep (2013, dir. Baltasar Kormákur) could be received anti-climactically, but I found it a quiet rumination on several themes. While it is somewhat an action piece, that's not the bulk of it. If you want a thought-provoking film, eat the popcorn during the first half and then settle down. The star, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, is a sort of Icelandic Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) here, and his understated performance is part of the reason the brakes go on during the narrative based on a true story.
Speaking of our late fave actor, I chose God's Pocket because I LOVE him and really appreciate John Turturro and Richard Jenkins. But a few minutes in, I realized I'd seen it (all Philip's indie pictures tend to conflate for me) and I wasn't in the mood for its violence and disconcerting effect o…

Their Finest

War propaganda media is an interest of mine, and this is an excellent romp through the area of films being made during WWII. Terrific performances, especially by the wonderful Bill Nighy.


This is a slow, quiet movie but, as an audience member said afterwards, you'll feel like you've lost 80 lbs by the end.

A Sequel That Works!

A few subtitle issues I could have dealt with, but overall great fun if you loved the first one!

Oksana G.: opera for now


Hootlet More Told that I waited @ 10yrs to see since its inception in a brief. I knew then it'd be worth the wait! RETWEETS2LIKES5

The Return/Il Ritorno

They've lost the clown noses but The Return by Circa was an exquisite blend of insanely talented circus art with drama and live Italian baroque chamber music and opera accompaniment. As usual, CanStage brought in innovative programming (and, as usual, some dope brought in their ringing cell phone). At one point, I just sat there being so grateful for the gift of art in my life. Lovely.
CREATED BYYaron Lifschitz with Quincy Grant and the Circa EnsembleMUSIC BY Monteverdi, Grant, Mahler, Pisador and traditionalDIRECTOR Yaron LifschitzCOMPOSITION/MUSICAL DIRECTION/ARRANGEMENTS Quincy GrantCIRCA ENSEMBLE Nathan Boyle
Marty Evans
Nicole Faubert
Bridie Hooper
Nathan Knowles
Todd Kilby
Cecilia MartinOPERA SINGERS Kate Howden
Benedict Nelson MUSICIANSPal Banda (Cello)
Joe Bronstein (Violin & Viola)
Natalie Murray-Beale (Musical Director, Piano, Harpsichord)
Cecilia de Santa Maria (Harp)TECHNICAL DIRECTION/LIGHTING DESIGN Jason OrganSTAGE DESIGN Yaron Lifschitz
Jason OrganCOSTUME DESIGN Libby McDonnellPHOT…