Revitalizing Toronto’s Neighbourhoods through Culture-Led Collaborations

Through its website at, the network provides a forum for discussion and information sharing, access to resources, tools, mentors, templates, and offers services and support. Best Buzz videos highlighting the best practices of five successful community-engaged art programs in Toronto neighbourhoods can be viewed on the website which also acts as an important resource for the general public to find out more about community-engaged art-making and its incredible contribution to neighbourhood revitalization.

Membership is free in 2010 and open to artists, individuals and organizations that develop, program or facilitate community-engaged arts such as libraries, community centres, social service providers, and business improvement associations. Membership benefits include access to members-only section of the website, bulletins, advance notice of events and special offers. Members are required to maintain a current profile and to actively participate in the Network. For more information or to become a member visit or call 416-392-6802 ext 212.
Established to serve the needs of community-engaged artists and community organizations and to act as a resource for neighbourhood residents, the Neighbourhood Arts Network will:
map current activities happening in communities throughout the city and inform the public of the subsidized arts programs available in their neighbourhood;
act as a referral for community residents seeking to revitalize their neighbourhoods through the arts;
establish links between artists working in underserved neighbourhoods and city departments and agencies including libraries, community centres, and parks; and
assist with the development of neighbourhood arts hubs.


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