at GALLERY 345
345 Sorauren, in Roncesvalles
admission $10/6 (students, artists etc)
Attila Fias and John Farah, pianos
improvisations and new compositions for two pianos
"The piano and electronics duo of Attila Fias and John Kameel Farah has been many years in the making, since they became friends at an Arts high school. Both went on to study at U of T - Attila studying jazz improvisation and John studying composition and classical performance. Both have gone on to etch out their own voices, but over 2 decades of jamming together and influencing each other, they have finally put their talents together to form the Fias-Farah Duo. The sound is not what you would expect from a straight-laced classical piano duo - rather they are combining their experience in jazz, free improvisation, modern classical, Hungarian and middle-eastern influences to form a wild yet musically tight cornucopia of sound."
Fias has recently released his first jazz trio CD "Stories" which earned a 4/4 stars from the Toronto Star, and Farah is still tripping from the release of "Unfolding" which drew a 5/5 rating from Montreal's Hour magazine.
Hear the massive sound on two grand pianos at Gallery 345 on Feb 19th!
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