Hero of the Week and of Christmas

Ok, for all you early Christmas shoppers like me, it's never too early to think about this, but it is really directed at the more typical Christmas shopper. This documentary--half comedy, half tragedy--is about the madness of consumerism. I first read about this guy in Geez (magazine highlighted here previously) and learned that Rev. Billy is a satirist, a political lobbyist with a creative way of trying to get us to Stop Shopping. This film is not for the religiously conservative (although Christianity Today had some good things to say about it) but it does give one a kick in the pants about reducing xmas (and year long) insanity. I have brought up this topic in previous posts (See The Story of Stuff and Buy Less/Nothing Christmas), and I am going to use this film's and the Adbsuters' media awareness curricula in my classes this year. This is an excellent film. Try and see it whereever you can. (The site says Blockbuster carries it but it doesn't in Canada; I had to order it online from Amazon.ca). Produced by Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me fame, the main theme is the Shopocalypse. That should give you an idea of where the film is going. 100% recommended! Check out the trailer here.


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