Two Flicks and a Book

This week I have 2 1/2 recoms for you. The first, a video of Kirk Douglas' Lust for Life (Vincente Minelli, 1956) is a bit lame, I suppose, but you gotta love these old movies where he or Charlton Heston are pronouncing God's name Gad. It's the story of Vincent Van Gogh's life, with perhaps some added melodrama to the already real drama of it. Ok for a free movie from the library. A dvd I finally got to see is Who the *#)^&@ is Jackson Pollock? (Harry Moses, 2006) about a feisty (if nothing else) 73 tough-mouthed truck driver from the States who lands a Jackson Pollock for $5, inadvertently obviously. It is the documentary of her attempts to have it provenanced and examines the Art World, with capital letters. I won't tell you the conclusion of the film. All I will say is that it is impartial in some parts, and I laughed my head off at the end. Delightful, with a grain of salt. But for sure, go watch Ed Harris in Pollock (Harris, 2000). The book I want to flog is called The Shack by Canadian-born William P. Young. (I have two more books from the same publisher to review, but have only got this one so far). Whether you love it or not, buy into his theology or not, or are Christian or not (how'd you like that trinity?), this book will change you. Period. It fell into my lap at a very significant time, and while I didn't agree with every assumption in its worldview, it definitely speaks to our time and culture. Do yourself a BIG favour and read this book, at the very least so you can enter into conversations about it, which are sure to come up as its popularity spreads. Go to the website for more info. There's a lot of references to Bruce Cockburn music and other popular nods and topics. Come to think of it, you should read it particularly if you are disillusioned with religion. You'll find it refreshing.


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