Valete, omnes!

Due to a change in family commitments, I will no longer be posting to this blog. I thank you for your readership over the last four years and still invite your feedback, as the blog will remain active for comments.


Gillian Wallace said…
Oh but I'll miss you. I'm sorry I haven't checked in regularly, but I do love popping over and reading a long stream of your wittily worded entries. (Yeah, I too hate typos, the Globe has been driving me to red ink lately.)

I hope the family committments are of the fun kind. If not, then all blessings be with you and yours and I hope you come back soon.
Gillian Wallace said…
Okay. But I'm still coming back periodically to see if you've changed your mind. I miss your posts. You always made me both wish like hell that we lived in Toronto and feel like I might already do so. That's quite a gift.
Gillian, I'm starting up again :)

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