Dengue Fever

Got a ton of movies and cds in the mail to review, but this is my current fave: Dengue Fever's Venus on Earth. Go to this link and scroll down to their mp3 samples (they haven't allowed downloads so I can't plug it in here). So the deal, as I understand it from the somewhat dubious source of the CBC, is that these two NY guys were travelling and....well, let's make a long story short and say they ended up hooking up (musically) with the Janet Jackson of Cambodia, decided to collaborate, and came out with the coolest thing since I-don't-know-what. Check out Tiger Phone Card in particular. One caveat: the "album in stores" thing should be taken with a grain of salt coz I could not get it except via online--maybe it's an American thing... This album is definitely worth exploring if you are into indie/fusion.


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